Contributions of Lindsay Hofford to the Pro Hockey Industry

Lindsay Hofford

September 24, 2021

Lindsay Hofford Contributions of to the Pro Hockey Industry

Lindsay Hofford‘s name has been synonymous with hockey since he founded the Pro Hockey Development Group back in 1992. How did this giant of the hockey world become the driving force within the industry? What does he have planned for the future? These questions and more will be answered in this concise blog.

Achievements of Lindsay Hofford in the Hockey Industry

This icon of professional hockey has an entire resume full of experience in this sport. His achievements include the following:

  • The founding of the Pro Hockey Development Group
  • Head coach of the London Knights OHL
  • Head coach of the Lethbridge Hurricanes WHL
  • Hockey Director at Hill Academy
  • Eastern Director of Scouting for various organizations, including the Toronto Maple Leafs,
  • Assistant GM with the Arizona Coyotes NHL
  • A wealth of positions associated with professional hockey
  • Training hockey players of all professional levels
  • Contributing to the development of hockey coaches and management personnel

What Is the Pro Hockey Development Group?

Hockey’s Mega Star, Lindsay Hofford turned his passion for any form of hockey into a lifelong career that does not appear to be slowing down any time soon. So, what is the Pro Hockey Development Group? We are glad you asked.

This group is responsible for the development of individual hockey players, both amateur and professional. Players are taught how to focus their efforts almost exclusively on hockey. This includes training on each of the skills involved in the sport.

Facets covered within the Group’s training programs consist of puck control, proper power skating techniques, gameplay, and more training off the ice. The Pro Hockey Development Group gives each player the tools to succeed. What happens after that is a result of that player’s commitment to the game. One thing is certain; Lindsay Hofford remains committed to them no matter what the players’ collective attitude is.

What Is Next for Lindsay Hofford?

Reading this, a hockey fan might think there is nothing left to accomplish in the industry. Lindsay could not disagree more. He continues to grow his passion for bringing great hockey to the world. He does not anticipate wavering in his desires or losing his passion for the sport.

As long as the legions of fans keep showing up for hockey games across the Earth, Lindsay Hofford will have the inspiration to move forward and only make improvements to the hockey arena. Players and fans alike can look forward to seeing spectacular hockey for ions to come.